Kalaripayattu the earliest and  considered  the most deadly  martial arts form in
the world originated from God's own country - Kerala. The most original form of Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry, attack on  pressure points and healing methods. Different styles of Kalaripayattu which were derived  from the  original art form are  classified  into northern style and
the southern style based on geographical positions in Kerala.

Kalarichikilsa or Kalari Treatment is an integral part of the kalari tradition, which has its roots in the traditional  Ayurveda system practiced in south India.   Kalari massage and  treatments are best for rejuvenating body,  also very effective for arthritis, spondylosis, back pain, sprains, sports injuries and certain other ortho, neuro and muscular problems.  This was mainly used by   Kalari students to treat sprains, fractures, cuts and other injuries that occurred during practice sessions also helps the student to improve flexibility and agility.

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